Notice of Cleaning of Sanitary Sewers

The Village is performing preventative maintenance by cleaning the sanitary sewer.  This will improve the sewer’s performance and significantly reduce the chance for future sewer backups and related problems.

The cleaning will occur on-

West Clark Street from the Village line to Pearl Street

North Julia Street from Main to Clark

North Pearl Street from Main to Clark

South Pearl Street from Clark to Dearborn

West Dearborn from Pearl to LaSalle

South LaSalle from Clark to Buse

Because of the high pressure, it is possible that a small amount of water can be ejected from toilet bowls.  While this is unlikely, as a precautionary measure we request that you drape a towel or blanket over your toilet bowl, and close the lid.  If you are not at home during the day, please do so before you leave in the morning.  Therefore, please be aware that under no circumstance will the Village be responsible for damages resulting from sewer cleaning.

You may also notice some odor after the cleaning.  If this occurs, it is because the odor traps in your drains are dry.  Turn on your faucet and run water down the drain for about thirty seconds.  This will refill the trap and stop the odor.  For toilets, use the same procedure by flushing once.

You may call us at 715-659-5423, should you have any questions.

Thank you for your help and cooperation.

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